PRINT SPEEDS & Tempuratures

Hi All,

I am looking for help in dialling in the speed of which I can print objects. I am using the Plywood Dual. What are some max printing speeds you have reached?(did it work or not?) Also in the speed settings on the LCD screen(during print) what do the numbers equal out to in mm/s? my default seems to be 1.00.

thanks! cheers

I’ve always used the Accelerated setting (In RepG) ie. FeedRate:80 and Travel:150 without problems in general. I do however OFTEN use the Speed settings on the LCD screen during print (UP and DOWN buttons) as necessary depending on the specific object and stage of object print (some layers of an object may get better results slower than the rest) and material type. I gather that the numbers are a percentage of your Feed and Travel Rates that you set when you generated the gcode initially, so pressing DOWN to example 0.50 would halve your Feed and Travel Rates whilst pressing UP to 2.00 (wouldn’t recommend that high as belts would more than likely skip!) would double your rates. Comes in quite handy!
Need Firmware 7.5 for those functions though. 7.2 doesn’t have it.

thanks so much! I’ve been experimenting and i believe as well that changing the print speed on the actual printer itself seems to do everything in one!


I have a problem with print. Which parameter is responsible for the supply of ABS plastic in extruder?
The first layer is printed ok. A second layer having difficulty. The extruder extrudes plastic in large quantities.
I think this is due to the setting of supply plastic!