Printed object using double extrusion is misaligned using the MPrint software


I just print an object using double extrusion in my Mbot Cube Dual with “MPrint 1.0.3” program. The printer, adding the second Filament, this was misaligned about 2 millimeters from the object where it should fit in the X axis and 0.2 millimeters approximate the Y axis

In MPrint, I chose the “grid mbot two dual” printer (my printer has 18 teeth). How can I regulate this error?

Here’s a photo of the result


Is this a “toolhead offset” problem?

I’ve been using Replicator G with my Grid II Dual, and my double extrusions are misaligned by about that much too. I see under Settings that there is a way to maybe correct this by inputting which series of printed lines from a test print are most align, but so far I have located the file for doing the test print. I’ve searched throughout the SD card, the Replicator G files, and printer menu, and so far haven’t located a way to print the test print. I know MakerBot using a similar process to correct the alignment of the print form dual nozzles, but their documentation explains it better.

Is there a solution to this? I have the exact same problem, except that I have the Cube Dual…
Definitely looks like a tool offset problem, but I can’t find the test file mentioned above either.