Prints slanted to X minus direction

This is my first time on a forum with the issue that I’ve been having. I bought a Mbot Cube Dual on eBay this past March, and have not been able to get it to work yet; it always prints objects leaning towards X minus by about 7 degrees.

I have tried the following things:
Removed X and Y carriage assembly, and reinstalled .
Replaced a broken X-axis motor mount (right side Y-axis).
Adjusted belt tension.
Made sure that all of the timing belt pulley set screws were tight.
Made sure every bolt in the assembly was tight.
Checked all electrical connections.
Swapped X and Y stepper drivers.
Swapped X and Y axis motors.
Changed board current setting in Sailfish for X axis driver from 118 to 127, and backed down to 32 in increments of 5. The drivers do not have pots on them.
Tried different versions of ReplicatorG, MPrint, every version of Skeinforge.
Went from Windows 8.1 to XP, and then to 7, and repeated software trials.
Used samples from provided files as well as downloads from Thingiverse.
Tried different heat settings, speed and feed settings.
Everything is tight in the assembly.

Is there a possibility of a software glitch?

Probably runing to fast and skipping steps on the motors. Slow it down and try the same thing. I run 60mm/sec. Make sure your bearings are lubed. When I unpacked mine I had to be careful to remove all the tape adhesive on the rails. That could be an issue. Make sure all of the belt pulleys are tight and not spinning on the shaft. Any of the above could cause this issue.

Thanks for answering.
I have run the speeds from as low as 15 to as high as 120, and everywhere in between. I set the max acceleration to 200 in the “on board” settings.
The carriage moves without any sticking or friction, and both set screws on each of the pulleys are rock solid.
It acts as if there is a X- G92 shift on each layer.
When I received it there was a broken motor mount, but the X-axis limit switch was also wired incorrectly, shutting the machine off when contact was made.
The changes that I have made affected the quality, but still lean to the left.

Does the machine index to the same position before and after making a part. IF it does it’s probably software. If it doesn’t it’s loosing count/steps in the motor.

another hint:
I had the issue that the “End sensor” were attached on the wrong port onto the board. By pluging in the plug to the correct Position, it worked then correctly. one of the reason why I’m still hoping to have 6 end sensors: one at the begining and end of each axis. Would remove many issues.
Hope that helps

It completely misses the X home position after printing, but I’ve swappped the motor and drive with the Y- Axis, so maybe it’s the cable? I have all 7 of my kids home for the week, so all projects are on hold for a while.
Thanks for your input though, and I’ll be sure to let you know what happens when I get back to it!

I have some more end stop switches ordered already too; it just seems like the best way to manage the travel. When I received the machine, it would shut off when it hit the X Axis home, and it was that the switch was wired wrong in the plug, so it certainly could be on the the wrong I/O too. Unfortunately, the machine is put away for the next week or so, but I appreciate that you folks are giving me things to try. Thanks!

Hi farmer

Just a question: how have you installed the additional Switches? I would be interested as I already have some spare I could install.But I’m not sure how to place it into the Printer. Have you printed a holde?

Thanks in advance

I haven’t installed them yet. The Y and Z can just be mounted with stand-offs to hold them out to meet the carriage (front top inside) and bottom of the bed support, but the X is a different problem. If it went on the bottom of the extruder carriage, I think that it would get to hot.

The problem that I had with my prints being slanted was a bad stepper motor cable.

I have been having the exact same issue since November, when I bought my MBot Cube. It sounds like you resolved your problem by replacing the X stepper motor cable, although I’ve tried swapping my X and Y motor cables with the prints always leaning to the left.

Where did you purchase a replacement cable? I don’t see them available in the MBot store.

Did you ever get a new cable? I made my own with 4 individual wires, and shielded it with aluminum tape, but now I think that it would probably work to wrap the limit switch wire cable, and motor cable with the tape everywhere above the floor of the machine.