Problem with connect MBot 3D Cude II with softwere

Good afternoon.
Please help me with a problem.
Following the acquisition of the printer drivers burned, I replaced their analogue in 1488, just updated the firmware version 7.5. Now, the printer refuses to print. Spend check movement of the extruder with a panel of the printer itself, everything is OK. Launch heated extruder panel, too, everything is ok. But when I want to print a model with a CD card comes to warming up the extruder but the temperature is not gaining. When trying to check the movement of the extruder and through a table ReplicatorG latest version, after a couple of permescheny it loses communication with the printer, it is necessary to press rezet. Print through ReplicatorG just refuses. Tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Is printer extruder can move front, back, right and left by manually from setting menu using jog mode? Is filament loading properly? Use MPrint software ( for slicing and print from SD card.