Raft is difficult to remove

Printing fine, but most of the prints are ruined because the raft is so difficult to remove. On most items, I can’t even remove all of the raft even with pliers.

Read that we should try to slow down the speed. Changed it to 45 feed speed and same result. I have the temperature at 220C, could that be the reason?

There is another post may be about that: do you mean remove the raft from the plate or from the object?

IMHO, there is an issue about MPRINT, as it is very easy to remove the raft to the plate side, but very difficult and anoying on the object side.

Will we get a Software update?

I’m printing with 210C with Mprint ,seems easy to remove ,you can have a try

It is easy to remove from the plate. But the raft is by far not easy to remove from the object. you Need to make the Connection between raft and object different.

I had the same issue. Please fix this. Maybe move raft higher and give more layers between it and object.

Hello im having the same issue raft is difficult to separate from object!.
please help!

You can set that distance by create new profile - then click edit profile - open with notepad and in the text windows - look for doRaft set it to “true” and look under this section - you will see raft model spacing - this is in mm the distance that the nozzle will lift when it will start to print object on raft - you can increase this to a higher number - typically 0.25-0.3 should be more than enough

Hello. I have this issue, however when i click Edit profile nothing happens, no text editor is opened. Suggestions?
I’ve tried closing and reopening MPrint, creating another profile etc

EDIT: I believe you cannot change the presets on say “High” then create a profile, either that or you cant have it names with symbols or periods :s