Raft not sticking to platform on large builds

Does anyone have any suggestions for this issue? I leveled the build plate before printing, but the raft became completely unstuck.

I had this issue constantly when printing with ABS (I don’t have a heated build plate). Then somebody gave me this advice, and it made all the difference! Spray a layer of firm hold hair spray on your build plate, let it dry, and then print.

I had a similar issue and I tried everything listed below, but it didn’t work. I am very persistent and patient, so each attempt was given its far time. I don’t have a heated bed.

elmers washable glue no improvement at all
variations of blue tape no improvement at all
lowering print speeds
tweaking heat settings
lower print speeds & tweaking heat settings
plexiglass to ensure surface was flat no improvement
…many more unique things, but nothing worked…

Double-sided scotch tape. After placing tape down, gently press down to ensure tape is flat to the bed.
USE PLA PLASTIC. 90% improvement by using PLA plastic. There is no major difference PLA and ABS.

Interesting… I know for sure you need a heated bed with ABS as it warps. I’m using PLA, and I did have it sped up to about 1.6x. I’m thinking the speed may have something to do with it.
But non the less I’ll make a note of the hairspray. Gonna try cleaning the platform with some rubbing alcohol before the next print.

I can print with ABS on my Grid, but not bigger than 10x10cm in width and the shape must not have sharp corner.
You will need to wipe the build plate with acetone or nail cleaner (be warn that it will damage build plate over time, suggest you get 2nd plate - one for ABS and another for PLA) - print with raft and it will stick well.

As for PLA, I just use blue tape from 3M and it works perfectly or printing direct onto the plate is work too but you need to make sure that you wipe of the dust and finger print.

The hairspray has changed my life… Thank you

You’re welcome! :smiley:

Hello everyone!..
I would like to share my method of printing ABS!
I don’t have a heated bed either!..
But I too tried many methods & only one worked for me as well:
Printing ABS:

I went to my local glass repair shop, I took them my Grid II printing table and asked then to cut a piece of glass to fit my printing table, remember to request for them to cut out the notches on the glass exactly like the printing table.
Cost for piece of glass 30$. (I got 2 due to low price)
Then learn how to make “ABS SLURRY”
real easy to make mix acetone & ABS plastic,
You can look up ‘ABS SLURRY’ on YouTube for more details on how to make slurry!..
If your like me you should have many scraps of ABS- failed prints! Don’t throw them away make Slurry!..

Ok once you have a great consistency of slurry (what works for me is to make it thick like elmers glue maybe a tad bit more watery)!

And that’s it people!.. You too can start printing ABS WITH OUT A HEATED BED!.. I’m gonna try to load pics of my printing table & how it’s set up!..

This might sound like its to much of a hassle but when you see your ABS prints come out Great!
It’s worth it at least to me it is!..

I’ll load up better pics in a little!

That pink/orangey stuff professionally painted on the glass table is the Slurry!.. Lol…lol maybe NOT So professional!..lol

I used thin double sided tape to ad hear the glass to the printing table, then used blue painters tape on the edges to ensure no slips happen…

This method Works almost 100% of the time… And the times it’s not successful the warp is minimal to where I can still use the printed part!..
I hope this helps!
Happy Printing!..
Oh here are some items I printed with ABS!

Try cleaning your build plate with acetone but first try it diluted with water on a cloth. My first try was just acetone and I struggled to het the print off the build plate. Good luck