[Request] Nozzle cleaning at start

Hello. I’m start using Mprint more and more, it’s pretty cool software.
But i do miss someting to start extrud before the real print. like in the corner or so. if there is some plastik still in the nozzle and also to ensure there is plastic ready when it’s start print.

I wold love to see that.

BR Patrik

Hi Patrik,thank you for your feedback.Actually we have improved this problem in the latest version of MPrint except dual nozzles machines.You can download the latest software in the home page of our forum.

I’m running the 1.1.1 version but i haven’t seen anny diffrent about the “first step of printing”
Example, makerware use one line under the print, Simplify 3D do a small line in the corner and have higher dictens and extruder like 200% and move fast away.

BR Patrik