Rotate in MPrint v 1.0.2


Has anyone found out how to rotate your print in MPrint to print it out the way you want it? I can only move it, not rotate it.

By the way what is the “purge wall” Setting?

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Mea culpa: the circling two arrows is doing it. pressing right mouse make Change the axis.

Stillt missing the Definition of “purge wall”

P.S. errata in the Software: In advanced Options, it should be “Infill Density” instead of “desity”. Just for the next Version. :wink:


I had to run a part with it turned on to find out. It prints a zig zag pattern off to the side before every pass. I would assume this is to remove any material hanging from the tip after the last layer.

Thanks BulletTrap. Much appreciated! :slight_smile: