Select second extruder for support material

Hi to everybody, I’m trying to print biological figures in Mbot that are really complex structures. Particulary I have printed this one (insuline). I have printed it just with one extruder, but the support material is really difficult to remove. So I want to use water soluble PVA filament for the support material, but I don’t know how to set that in ReplicatorG. Anyone know how to do that?

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hey, you can try to use Mprint
choose your machine type (for dual head ) and then when you generate the gcode ,you can choose left head print with support ,right head and model .

you can have a try

I downloaded Mprint, and so far I like it! The slicer is lightning fast!

When I generated the gcode, I chose right extruder for raft and support. However, I couldn’t find the option to choose which extruder to use for the model. Could you please tell me how to select that?

we don’t need to choose which head print the model ,the software choose the right head default

Background: I have an MBot Cube Duo.

This time I chose left extruder for the raft, and right for supports. When I started the print, both extruders were heated up as expected. However, when the raft print starts, nothing comes out of the left extruder. (When I print at the same temperature also with the left extruder something that I sliced with ReplicatorG, it works. So I don’t think the problem is physical.) What am I doing wrong?

dear reaper

greetings n well wishes… the melting point for pva and pla r different… normally for pla it’s abt 220 - 230… for pva it’s abt 170 - 180… u might wanna try test prints with diff temp in setting first… thanks n cheers