Simple V1 : New Extruder RepRap Comunity

Simple V1 : New Extruder RepRap Comunity

Simple V1 is the best extruder + Hotend updated for 3d printer of community reprap and some commercial 3D printers.

Upgrade your consumer level 3D printer with professional Simpe V1 extruder + hotend. Their brilliantly simple design can improve performance, increase your print resolution and virtually eliminate clogging issues and loss of step in the X axis.

Now on Indiegogo we give a Simple V1 to who contributes 30$ to support our campaign,only the first 5 sponsors. To other sponsors that support us contributing a little more than 45$ we will also give you one Simple that is goingto be launched on Febrary 2016 at a price of 99$ each.

Link Project : Simple V1

Only 1 opportunity to collaborate in the first 5 additional backers of Simple V1

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