Slightly modified Cube (WIP)

Figured I’d share some of the work I’ve been doing on my Cube plywood.
So far I’ve had a friend machine some bits for a HBP. I’m then using an Arduino to control the HBP and relay, seeing as I like to use MPrint, but it doesnt support HBPs.

In addition, I plan to add a 3rd stabilizing rod for the Z-axis.

If anyone is interested, or would like more details, feel free to ask.

I’m using a rotary encoder, with a push button. So you can turn on and off the HBP, and adjust setpoint on the fly. 100k thermistor is epoxied on the bottom of the heatplate, with thermal epoxy.

Yes… It needs tidying up!

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hi could you please share more detail about proje :slight_smile:

man that printer looks nice :smiley: