Small letters printed on acrilic

Hi community.

I want to buy a 3d printer for a specific work.
In this case I want to print some small worlds (10-12 pts) on transparent acrilic.
the height could be 0.3-0.8 mm
I can´t find videos in youtube in this issue.
My question is if ABS or PLA will print clearly or not.
And if the Filament adheres to acrilic firmly

FDM printers, such as those sold by MBot at this time, would not be able to print at that resolution reliably and produce clear text. I don’t know the challenges of getting the print to adhere to acrylic, I would think you could not print directly onto it, but instead, glue it afterwards.
You might investigate resin printers instead.

Thanks for your answer.
I´ll shift to UV printers, like Mimaki or Logojet ink jet printers.
Thanks a lot.

Victor Castellanos