Software, firmware for Mbot Grid II Dual

What is the correct Software to use with Mbot Grid II Dual? I’ve been using the Replicator G 0040 software with Python 2.7.7 because this is what the latelst version of the Grid II instructions said to use. But then I see another software called Mprint. The Replicator G seems to be working, but I’m not totally satisfied with it and it 's quirks. Is Mprint software compatible with Grid II Dual?

Also what is the latest firmware I should have on this printere? According to the printer’s display the loaded version is 7.5, and if I look at the list of firmware in the Mbot website under Software this seems to correspond to the Sailfish version showing there. But, I see there are newer versions of Sailfish if I follow the links. Which one should I be using? I don’t want to necessarily load the latest version just for the sake of it being the latest and have it not be compatible.

I’m asking about this because there doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason to how things are laid out on the Mbot website, and I don’t necessarily trust the instructions either since they seem to mix the Mbot Cube with Mbot Grid in the couple places. They may be totally compatible with one another, but I don’t know that.
our new software is Mprint ,but it’s still Beta version ,so we haven’t put it on the instruction .but you can have a try ,it’s very useful now

the new firmware version is just more suitable for our new machine ,you don’t need to upgrade it .the software is compatible with old version

Can I use firmware from which gives many software for ios devices ??? Is it good to use software from third-party developers ???