Speeds and Feeds to make successful parts

All, I am looking for some general idea of the speeds and feed settings you are using to get good parts. I just got my Mbot dual head plywood machine back up and running after a year of being upset and ready to throw it in the trash. I am working slowly to get it running at optimum performance. I am using Replicator G 0040 at the moment and it is slow as molasses creating the gcode. I am also interested in any special settings you may use to make good rafts and support structures. Anything would help.


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Try MPrint 1.0.3. They tried to improve the generation of G-code.

Watch your parts as they lay out. If you get a squishy sagging bead then cool it off. IF it doesn’t knit to the layers below then increase the temp. As far as feeds I am using 60mm/sec with PLA and a 220 deg head temp. It works well. I am finding that the head temp depends on the ambient temp of the room. It’s colder than a witches tit here in Colorado so upping the temp helped a lot.

you lucky one. you know the Temperature of a witches tit? :wink:

additional recommendation (as well for the MPrint Team): while printing the raft, I slow down the (Standard) Speed to 50% on the MBot. When the raft is done, I normaly raise to 100% or 150% (in some cases even 200%). Sometimes, the nozzle temp Needs to be raised by 10-20°C.

Good luck (and yes, the MPrint Software is much more convenient for me)

This is a good thread and more info should be added here! Here are my findings which I’ll keep updated.
I recently got my MBot Cube and have been doing lots of experimenting. Here’s what I’ve found (I’m using MPrint 1.0.5) :

  • I found you can leave the feed rates more or less untouched, I control the speed from the machine itself (during printing, change print speed. I slow it down a bit for the first layer of the raft (down to 0.7-0.8), then speed it back up for the rest of the raft (1.4-1.6).
  • Temp, for the plastic I’m using I’ve found that 210C works well.
  • Bad experience printing WITHOUT a raft - can’t get the first layer to stick to the plate on layer heights less than 0.2mm no matter how well adjusted the print bed is.
  • When printing with a raft on layer thicknesses less than 0.2mm the raft was difficult to remove - this was solved by creating a print profile then editing it. Scrolling through the code until you get to the Raft section, doRaft = True (to turn the raft on), then changing the RaftModelSpacing to 0.3mm. I was unable to remove the example Octopus with it at 0.21mm but at 0.3 it came off quite easily, maybe try 0.35mm for high res, small delicate objects.
  • support material: I screwed up last night and increased the density of the support material (it said mm and I took that to mean the spacing between each support layer - no, it printed way too much support material and I was unable to remove it, will try again and edit this post.

If anyone else has more info and experience with other parameters in the edit profile do share, I believe tweaking these parameters will get you really nice builds!