The Cube specification "Material color", what does it mean?

What does the “Material color” specification color mean exactly? Since "Material color is replaced With “Filament color” on the manual (see manuals on download page), I Wonder if it is only theese colors I can print With, is this correct?

Also, for example, does this mean that I can’t use any transparent or Brown color, because this is not listed?

I think it is very strange if it is so, but I can’t see that it can be something else the specification mean.

And, is it done so it’s only mbots own filament we can use (I see on the that the options only are “Magicfirm ABS”, “Magicfirm PLA” and “Unsolved filament” on mprints settings for printer).

You can use any color.
Also you can use any filament.
I use SHAXON supplied at my local FRYS electronics store.