Unsolved materials or Magicfirm PLA/ABS?

hey guys, in the Mprint software, there is an option that i can choose filaments. I am using some 3rd party non magicfirm materials. Should I just choose the option “unsolved materials” or i can use magicfirm PLA option? will that effect printing quality? I am asking because in the ink-jet printing, they will ask for what type of paper, it might be different is you use different options. I want to know how big the different is in 3D printing filament choosing( via MPRINT).

Not necessary, that setting will usually input the preset temp and speed. Those values are basic setting for any type of similar plastic, not just from Magicifirm and you can also adjust them for fine tuning as well.

Is there a way to define additional filaments for the pick list? I looked through the folders, but could not find a configuration file with the filament types and parameters in it.