USB Port on MBot Grid II+ : Smashed Pins

Can anyone tell me if there is anything particularly special about the USB Port on the back of the Grid II+? It looks like a USB Type B, but it has 4 pins that line up with the proprietary USB cable that came with the unit.

The reason why I ask is that I had to unplug both the power and USB cable so I could put the unit on its side while making height adjustments to the extruders. When I plugged everything back in, none of my programs could communicate with the unit, that is when I found that I had smashed the 4 pins when plugging the USB cable back in. I tried very carefully with a small pair of needle nose pliers to unfold the pins, but, of course, one of the pins broke right off.

I submitted a help ticket last Saturday (May 16) and an email support ticket about 3 days later and have yet to hear back from anyone. I went so far as to send an email to the lady that handled my order confirmation and did not get a response.

I would very much like to be able to use programs like Simplify 3D to run and monitor the progress of the 3D printer and not be stuck with trying to use the SD all the time.

I would like to put in a new USB port, but have been unable to find this specialized USB Type B with the 4 pins. Was wondering if a “generic” Type B would fit the bill.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,