Users' 3D Printable Hop Up Parts for MBOT 3D Printers

Greetings and well wishes…

i created this topic for MBOT 3D users and owners to upload 3D printable hop up parts for MBOT 3D Printers… pls share n contribute… thanks n cheers


greetings n well wishes all…

Extruder Guide Holder for MBOT Cube Plywood & Acrylic version…

there r 2 objects in this file… the first piece is to be attached to the back of ur MBOT Cube… remove the original plastic cable & guide holder n replace it in position… the second piece is to be attached just above the original tube guide piece above the print head… with this installation… u can remove the cable ties attached along the guide tubes and cable…

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mbot_tube_holder_v2.stl (130.7 KB)

greetings n well wishes…

Revised Extruder Guide Holder for MBOT Cube Plywood & Acrylic versions…

i realized that my previously uploaded v2 version only fit the Acrylic version or those with a slightly smaller diameter tube guide… here’s another version with a slightly bigger diameter to fit the tube guide into… thanks n cheers

mbot_tube_holder_v3.stl (131.5 KB)


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greetings n well wishes… another slimmer version…

mbot_tube_holder_v3Slim.stl (130.8 KB)

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Very cool alternative Filament spool holder. Turn very easily. worked for me (but I’m not the creator)

Isn’t this bigger than the build platform?

Here you see that it is printed in two parts. Both part fitted well on the Printer:

You were right, of course. But it takes the prize for the biggest print I’ve finished!

Here are some shims for the build platform on the MBot Cube - plywood kit. Those of you who have this kit would have noticed that the holes to which the bolts for leveling go through are much larger than the bolt itself, therefore you can move the build platform around quite easily.
Here is a simple shim that drastically reduces this movement!

Build Plate Shim.STL (20.4 KB) !

I like croach246 idea using the spacers I came up with a knob with the spacer on top. I used a customizer on thingiverse to come up with knob it works great take a little filing or sanding to size on the OD of the spacer part of the knob.
Here is the link

I’m totally going to print this!

A little update on these knobs . After I have installed them I only have to reset the build platform about ever 5-10 parts who needs auto leveling when we get this repeatability Just an update