What other materials Can I use to print except for PLA/ABS?

What’s up guys. I am tired of using only PLA/ABS, could you recommend any other filaments that i could buy from amazon to print? I want something flexible like silicone or rubber, as long as elastic. Thanks

I think you can try rubber, nylon, xylon and plaster, starting from some small and simple models.

Hi dwdd,

I already checked with HIPS, PVA (not Full Tested), Flex (eSun filament) all from eSun Brand.

You should test the filaments from eSun :thumbsup: .

The flexible stuff (including PVA) is more difficult to print with and needs to be printed real slow. Depending on your extruder you may have difficulties with retraction moves.The Flex PLA from eSun has worked best for me so far. Wood didn’t work well for me as it clogged my 0.4 mm nozzle, apparently better results with a 0.5 mm nozzle. You have to experiment quite a lot since it is different from one printer to another.

The best is the PLA, the others may cause the extruder blocked.

Wood filament can use to print. The temperature should be 180 º C - 190 º C Degree Celsius. After finishing a wood filament printing, use PLA/ABS to printer other object to clean the extruder by this way it will prevent the blockage in the extruder.