Where are Thermistor Terminals on the Mighty Board?

I’m building my MBot Cube Plywood. I’m nearly done. My only issue is the side of the large black vacuum tube by the Mighty Board has an extra 4 red wires. On the other side by the extruder, there are no red wires, but each of the extruder wires have another 2 wires with them so I can only assume each 2 of the 4 red wires are for the thermistor with the extruder. Am I correct? If so, where do I plug in the thermistor wires? The only remaining terminals are for the heated bed, “extra”, and a set of 4 named R1, Y1, R2, and Y2. These would make sense but if anyone could help me out that’d be great.

EDIT: I found online that those are the thermistor terminals, but the wires should be red and yellow. They’re all red though.

the wire of thermcouple should be red and yellow .the wire of the heat rod are all red .make sure your have connect it right .

Did you ever figure this out? I have the same problem. The wiring color code isn’t as per the instructions. I have two thick red wires and two thin black wires. The wire colors for my power supply were way off too, but I was able to figure that out by tracing the wires. You can’t do that for the extruder and TC. Thanks.