Windows 10 and Panowin F1 Printer Problems


I just bought the Panowin F1 printer and can’t seem to get the correct driver installed for Windows 10. When running Pango 2.3.0, the printer just sits there and doesn’t respond to the Console commands. I know that the printer is assembled correctly due to the fact that if I insert the included Smartcard into the printer, the Autoprint.pcode file gets the printer moving. Has anyone else had the same issue?


I’m having a similar issue I think. I just put the printer together, but when I plug everything in, the board just chirps at me and doesn’t do anything… wondering if you resolved your issue.


the firmware of the printer id not get updated and the user is having the problem while using the printer. It always happens with when the printer is connected with Windows. To solve this contact hp customer support number


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