X axis shaft mount upgrade?

My left axis shaft mount has broken were the belt is held on :frowning:.
My Cube plywood is 4 weeks old & just over 200hours

Is there a printable version of the left X axis shaft mount?

I see in the store there is plastic & metal version, can you use the metal version on the plywood kit? it looks a bit different so i doubt it.

i painted my kit to suit the rest of my stuff :smile:

Hello??? mbot staff? Robin? i see you comment on other threads but not this. so ill ask again.

Does the METAL X axis mount fit the mbot cube?

for late reply due to Spring festival holiday in China from 6th to 14th
Metal shaft isnot compatible with Mbot cube kit.

thanks robin :smile:

Metal Shaft of X and Y axis is not compatible with Plastic
Shaft. Plastic Shaft is slightly different in size with Metal shaft. Due to
different size, it needs to adjust the four corner shaft position and X axes
rods which are complicated. Its reason we do not recommend to replace metal
shaft to plastic shaft.

i also have this issue. is it possible to buy a complete new assembly? if so where do i make the purchase?

Apologise for inconvenient. Our online store is going on regular
maintance. So, some functions especially spare parts are not available for the moment.
You can email to [email protected] for order.

Thank You