XY shifting problem


I’ve been scratching my head over this issue since I got the printer (a chinese Mingda 5 ) couple of weeks ago. Terrible support from them and my feeling is they are not even aware of all the issues that their printer have (as long as they see some plastic coming out of the nozzle they think they got a decent printer to sell.) Anyway I am posting some pics to better illustrate the issue. These 2 cylinders are printer at 0.3 mm , once sliced with CURA and the other with Simplify3d . Not even bothering here about the blobs for now (yeah other numbers to figure out) but I am just trying to understand what is causing those repetitive XY shift on Z. Excluding the slicer software since the problems is there regardless, and after reading and searching the internet for the problem I though that the cause of the problem might be the Z screw. I then attached 2 markers to the platform and I lifted the platform for about 10-15 cm (those black mark is the pic) and I cannot really relate the print issue with those marks.
What is your thought about it? I just know dont know what else to tweak. The print speed was I think 35-40 mm/s so not that high. Material is HIPS…but ABS showed the same print temp between 230-240

Please help.

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