Y motor not acting right

My Y motor moves backwards making an awful sound. When I go to move it forward it reads +000.0 and won’t move anymore. Any help would be loved.

Check that you are getting free and easy movement of the print head carriage on the rails. If the rails bind, then the motors will do some funky things. It should be difficult to get the Y axis smooth rods in without them being parallel, but it may be possible in some instances. It’s also possible to damage the linear bearings. One of mine was messed up, and I’ve replaced it with an LM8UU bearing that I had around the house from other printer projects. With the printer power off, it should be quite easy to move the print head around in the X/Y plane.

I also suggest you check the wiring and motor connectors. If possible, measure point-to-point electrical continuity of each cable from the connector on the motor to the connector on the controller board. To measure continuity you should disconnect the cables, so that you do not have a false reading. If a cable is broken, a motor winding will not receive current and may cause very rare oscillations.