Z axis issues on large build

Hi there after a couple weeks learning the basics and perfecting my printer settings, I have tried a couple large overnight builds and about 5 or 6 centimetres up during the printing process the printer seems to glitch a centimetre or so off track. I am new at this and have no idea what this might be! Any advice or feed back would be great!


If a random “Glitch” then most likely a short in a cable but it could be a part of the print lifted and nozzle whacked it which then offsets the remainder of the print.

In the “short in cable” problem you usually end up with a ‘stepped’ object but is random.
Can’t find the posts relating to when this was a very common issue but check out the following posts.


Can’t find the original posts showing the solution images (I think Gigafaze posted some images) but if you can replace the X-Axis Endstop cable and the problem goes away that is the problem.

Make sure that you let your X-axis Endstop and Stepper Cable dangle directly down from the Stepper Motor and allow for a smooth curved movement forward and back. The original assembled printers (including Makerbot) had the cables fed above the X-axis carriage and rods towards the top of the case and towards the front and then down to the motherboard. That creates too much stress on the cable and VERY quickly you end up with a short.